Cabinetry is an integral part of every kitchen, so it comes as no surprise that there are an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. In our showroom alone we have an entire gallery dedicated to cabinet door fronts, with over six different brands to choose from, so we understand that it can be difficult to narrow down the right selections for your home.

Three Sixty Cabinetry was designed with the customer in mind to help simplify the decision-making process and meet the various needs of our customers. From budget friendly options to high-end designs, Three Sixty Cabinetry offers a full range of selection and quality all within one cabinet line. Broken down into 4 collections, Three Sixty Cabinetry has something for everyone!


Simple yet sufficient, Three Sixty Elements delivers quality construction and finishes to entry level and multi-family homes. This collection of cabinetry offers great value at a low price point, making it a budget friendly choice for a variety of projects.


With an expanded selection of design options, the Three Sixty Origins collection offers an affordable selection of door styles and finishes that are perfect for small to medium projects. 


With over ninety custom modifications to make your cabinetry uniquely yours, the Three Sixty Classic collection allows for ultimate flexibility and a wide variety of design options. The wide-ranging variety of door styles, stains and paints offer a palette for every design sense and every room in your home.


This collection offers full access construction as well as a variety of paints, stains and additional finishes. Crafted in full access international construction, this method of construction provides wider drawers and up to 15% more storage overall. The height, width and depth of Signature cabinets can be modified in 1/4” increments, making for a truly custom fit and a better look.

For a complete look at each of the four collections list above, along with photos of door styles and finish options, visit the Three Sixty Cabinetry website here. Otherwise, if you’re interested in meeting with a designer and reviewing samples, you can schedule an appointment here.