By Tash Sims, CKF Sales + Design

CKF’s Countertop Outlet is the official place to purchase countertop remnants, pre-made tops and assorted vanity bases. Recently, The Countertop Outlet moved from Building 3 to Building 1, also known as our Main Showroom. This new location has allowed customers to browse our professional showroom and countertop remnants all in one place.

The Outlet main entrance

What is a remnant?

Many people ask daily, what is a remnant? A remnant is the fall off or extra material that is left over from a full slab. Remnants at CKF come from the same granite and Cambria Quartz that is used for our full retail jobs and are fabricated and installed the same way.

Countertop Outlet

The Countertop Outlet showcases only a preview of our current remnant inventory. We serialize and picture every remnant so that customers are able to view stock of certain colors in available sizes. CKF representatives assist customers with finding pieces for projects at the viewing stations within the Outlet.

Outlet Selection Area
Cambria 12×12’s and slab viewing stations

CKF Remnants

Remnants can be used for both large and small scale projects. Here at CKF we are able to produce 50+ square foot kitchens daily out of our remnant material. When using remnants for your project, we fabricate and install in the same fashion as we do on our retail prices items. In other words, we do not add extra seams, use mismatched colors, or take shortcuts just to make the remnant material work. As our customer, you will only pay for the material used for your project.

With a handful of assorted premade vanity tops and vanity cabinet bases, the Countertop Outlet makes it easy to get in and out fast with a new bathroom set up.

Cabinet Section
Vanity cabinets

Stop in today and see what kind of savings you can acquire by taking advantage of CKF’s Countertop Outlet! Contact us for any questions or directions.

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