While the trend of two-toned kitchens continues to grow, it’s not often that we see a three-toned kitchen, which is what makes this kitchen from Oakstone so unique. Incorporating more than one cabinet finish is a great way to add a customized feel to your kitchen and add interest to the overall design. The perimeter of this kitchen features CKF 360 Signature cabinets in White Oak with a Sand finish on the bottom and Taupe paint on the upper cabinets. In contrast, the island features CKF 360 Classic cabinets in Rift Oak with a Black stain making it a dramatic focal point. 

Overall the uniform color palette helps tie the different cabinet finishes together in addition to the cohesive door style. While different finishes are used throughout, all of the cabinets feature a slab door style, which is a smart way to keep the design from looking haphazard. Sleek finishes such as hardware, lighting and faucets add a modern touch to this space and nicely complement all three cabinet finishes.

While mixing and matching cabinet finishes isn’t for everyone, we think this kitchen makes a strong case for why you should consider it. And if you’re still on the fence, read our post about the benefits of a two-toned kitchen for more reasons to consider this trend for your next project.