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About Amber owens

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a Bachelor’s of Science in Design. I have worked on numerous hospitality and office projects as well as residences in my years of experience since college.  As a former member of Restoration Exchange, I have a passion for historical architecture and saving that history.  I am married with two dogs and live in the Omaha area. I enjoy reading, baseball games, Italian food and spending time with family and friends.

What kind of style designer are you: contemporary, modern, classic, eclectic, rustic, traditional, etc.? I would say I am more of an eclectic, transitional and modern style.  I grew up in a house that was over 100 years old, so, I do love homes that have that historic character but love introducing those modern design elements into those spaces as well.   Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict is my favorite!

What are your design aesthetics? Some people have said my home is “Pottery Barn” style.  I would say I design that way as well because it comes naturally. My aesthetics include neutral, calm colors, lots of textures, painted finishes, natural light and pops of greenery!

Why do you love being a designer? I love being a designer to help make people’s dreams and ideas come to life.  I love making spaces pretty, I always have. I especially love designing kitchens and baths because it takes a lot of problem solving skills and can be challenging at times to fit in the needs of the customer while being functional as well.

Why do you enjoy work at CKF? I enjoy working at CKF because I love the products we sell and the people I work with.  I also enjoy working with builders and going out to the construction sites. It always makes things easier to envision when you see it!

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