This kitchen design is proof that two cabinet colors are better than one! A “two-toned kitchen” refers to any kitchen that combines two different colors or stains of cabinetry. Often the kitchen perimeter is a different color than the island or the cabinet uppers are a different color than the lower cabinets. Overall there are several reasons this design trend has gained momentum in the last few years which include creating visual interest, creating the illusion of more space and the ability to create ‘kitchen zones’.


When two colors of cabinetry are utilized in one space, it creates visual interest by incorporating a broader range of color. Typically in the past, only one color of cabinetry was used throughout the entire kitchen and visual interest was created with a colorful back splash, wallpaper or bright accessories. By incorporating a second color of cabinetry, kitchens are given more depth and dimension, as well as more character.

In the kitchen featured today, the perimeter cabinets are gray, while the kitchen island is highlighted in a beautiful blue making it the focal point of the space. It also helps tie in the blue tones used in the adjacent living room, creating a cohesive open concept on the main floor.


Using two different colors of cabinetry can actually trick your eye into creating the illusion of more space without adding additional square footage. In the same way a small room can appear smaller when a dark color is used, a kitchen filled with one color of cabinetry can also appear smaller than it actually is. Adding a contrasting color of cabinets is a cost effective way to create the illusion of more space.


Two-toned cabinetry can also be used to define specific zones or spaces within your kitchen. For example, a wine bar near the kitchen may have a different color of cabinets to define that area for entertaining and mixing drinks. A butler pantry may also utilize a different color of cabinetry than the main kitchen to help define that area for meal prep and clean-up.

Overall, there are several ways to mix-and-match painted and stained cabinets to suit your style and our team of designers is ready to help you create your dream kitchen. Make an appointment today or submit your details online today to get a quote for your project.

Kitchen Details:

Countertops: Cambria Torquay

Cabinets: CKF 360 Classic in Fog & Charcoal Blue