Sometimes customers come to us with awesome ideas, like adding a raised Cambria bar top to an existing granite kitchen island. With a little help from our CORE department, we're able to turn almost all ideas into reality with a little strategy and planning. 

STEP ONE:  The first step is to get the concept into software that will create a 3D image of the projected plan. The weight of the added countertop will determine the amount and type of supports that will be needed. We worked with Walls to Floors to create this custom design.


STEP TWO: We created the structure to support the raised bar out of custom steel supports. Most support structures are made of custom steel legs and arms that are welded together. The support system was then carefully drilled into the existing granite countertop.

STEP THREE: We added attractive elements to hide the steel support structure. To people who visit this home, the raised bar will look as though it's being supported by wooden legs that match the existing cabinetry. 

STEP FOUR: Marvel at the beauty of this new raised bar top, designed in Cambria's Ramsey design with a chiseled edge profile. 

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