In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Cambria has released 20 stunning new countertop designs, ranging from bold to revolutionary! CKF is proud to partner with Cambria as the industry-leading producer of natural stone surfaces and offer these innovative new designs. Featuring striking movement and subtle nuances of color, these designs will create a statement in both residential and commercial projects of any size.


Peaceful Archdale blends exceptionally well with neutral shades and adds quiet undertones of serenity to any room while maintaining its own personality.


Bradwell beautifully pulls any room together with cool tones that elegantly complement popular gray and blue design elements.


Bridport is light gray with subtle cream undertones and abundant gray threads and strands that flow and intersect across the surface of this majestic countertop design.


Brittanicca Block offers an intriguing mosaic that creates interest without being overbearing. Horizontal blocks seem to expand the space wherever this countertop design is featured.


Bold yet never overbearing, Buxton depicts an industrial, grainy concrete foundation intermixed with gray and cream daubs and a constellation of white speckles.


The dark and dramatic charcoal gray surface of Charlestown is imprinted with meandering gray and white veining above faint black currents that ripple below the surface.


Clovelly has expansive movement with rich warm veining that captivates the eye and beautifully contrasts and complements large blocks of color.


With classic marbling, Colton adds a touch of timeless elegance to sleek, modern spaces.


Offering classic elegance, Gladstone features a soft, misty gray background that hosts slender, prominent veins that cross over fine gray webs and lacy lattices. Gray shadows and dapples that flow beneath the surface add dimension to complete the look.


With its dramatic dark veining set against a neutral creamy base, there’s nothing shy about Harrogate. Use it to create a bold focal point in rooms that mix warm and cool tones.


Hawksmoore offers a cream palette crossed with slightly blurred, dark taupe striations that flow together side by side, accented by rusty capillaries and delicate veins.


Light and yet substantial with a warm palette and the palest gray accents, Malvern provides a refined foundation on which to build a room where style and sophistication take center stage.


With a neutral background, bold navy veins, and gold flakes, Portrush is right at home in kitchens with blue accents and warm metallic hardware.


In ever-popular white rooms, Queensbury adds elegant movement that stands out against both large neutral expanses and large swatches of bold color. Sparkling white crystal add an alluring final touch.


Offering brightness in monotone spaces, Smithfield work to both separate and accent dark elements without being disruptive or losing its own quiet charm.


Who says cool and warm tones can’t get along? St. Giles with its neutral gray tones and white veins bridges the gap between colors and monotone shades to create harmony within diversity.


For those whose color preference is true blue, Sutherland has a soft neutral base and mixed gray veins that create a beautiful accord between deep blue tones, warm wood, and white paint.


Whitby is an ideal choice for rooms where dramatic cool color is intermixed with white tones and warm wood.


Dark and dramatic with prominent medium gray tones, Windrush is streaked with slate-gray streams that flow and mingle with occasional white dabs in this fascinating design.


Woodcroft is bold and black with sparkling golden lightning strikes and paler metallic streaks that drizzle like rain against a window pane.