Gone are the days of playing it safe and sticking with tan, espresso, or white cabinetry. As we approach 2020, we have been seeing a greater growth towards using color to elevate your design and bring it to the next level. The tide is about to turn, but how do you know what hues will work and how to even go about using them? Read below to find out tips and tricks on using colors below.

Try a Darker Backsplash

Photo via realsimple.com.

If you would like to really make your color pop, we recommend choosing a darker backsplash to really intensify the room. This is a dramatic effect that will really work, especially when using bright colors such as “turquoise, avocado, or lemon”, according to Avi Gordon, the owner of Toro Kitchen Cabinets. “While the white kitchen will always be a classic, the white ‘shaker’-style door is starting to become fairly passé,” says Gordon. “It’s become the beige living room of the ‘90s.”

Play it Safe With Blue

Photo via hgtv.com.
Photo via realsimple.com.

Let’s say you want to take this trend and run with it, but you don’t want to run too fast, then we suggest starting with blue. Blue can be a neutral if you’d like, or you can really make it stand out by choosing a particular shade like an aqua or baby blue. Navy is the safest bet, which is why it’s rated the top choice of color besides the traditional grays, whites, and browns.

Play With Dimension

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Dimension is your friend, especially when working with an element such as color. When planning your space, something our designers suggest is to separate the color into pieces. There are a few different ways to go about this.

Example 1 (above): If you want your island to be a furniture-like piece, use color to your advantage and really play it up. Designers will even play with different cabinet styles or doors to set it apart even more, which can be really striking.

Example 2 (below): The perimeter will be the star of the show if you keep your island basic, and instead highlight the surrounding areas. The eyes will be drawn to the outer edges of the room, making the room appear bigger and brighter.

Photo via thespruce.com.
Photo via hgtv.com.

Example 3 (Below): Who says you can’t have both? If you can’t decide on doing your entire kitchen in a color, you have the option of doing half and half. Many customers will choose to do a different hue on the upper cabinets than the lower. This allows you to play around without saturating the space too heavily.

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If you decide to take dive off the board into the color pool, we carry just the right cabinet lines for you. CKF Signature, Echelon, KitchenCraft, Marquis, Omega, and Sorrento all offer great choices, with the latter two actually letting you bring in any color from Sherwin Williams to personally pick your color. If you want to dig deeper, visit our cabinetry page and click around to look at styles and colors for your project: www.ckfco.com/cabinetry.