Cambria recently launched four new designs inspired by forward momentum and the intentions that propel us to exciting new places. Defined by dramatic earth tones and featuring rich burgundies, these new designs create unlimited options for use in a variety of spaces. Read below for details on each of these new quartz designs and what makes them unique.


Dramatic burgundy veins set against a warm white background make Notting Hill a standout design. Whether used in the kitchen or bathroom, this design creates a beautiful focal point that captivates your senses. When you take a closer look the organic veins delicately shimmer, creating dimension and interest.


Hermitage is a luxurious design featuring delicate gold veining with swirls of color that create a harmonious, intricate pattern. This elegant warm design will surely elevate any space it’s featured in. 


This energetic design boasts burgundy veins across a creamy white background, with delicate shading that creates undeniable warmth. Subtle shimmering details give Cashel depth and dimension, without overpowering the design.


A versatile design, Clare features bright white veining set against a rich gray background. This classic design is a great option for a variety of design applications.

Overall, these new designs are an exciting addition to Cambria’s expansive design palette and we can’t wait to see how they are incorporated into your home or business. Samples of these designs can be found in each of our showrooms, as well as full size slabs.