When it comes to sinks there is no shortage of configurations and materials, which can make it difficult to decide on the best option for your home. From stainless steel, cast iron and natural stone composites, each material has its own drawbacks and benefits.

Today we’ll be discussing the new composite material from Kohler, Neoroc. Crafted of quartz, epoxy and resin, Neoroc is an extremely durable choice for your sink. Featuring a matte finish in several dimensional colors, Neoroc is designed to complement your countertops and is backed by a lifetime warranty. This composite material is also scratch, stain and chip resistant, which will keep it looking new for years to come!

To ensure quality, Kohler stringently tested Neoroc against other comparable sink materials on the market and the results speak for themselves. The video below shows Neoroc  being struck by a 5lb. weight and how other sinks performed.