When it comes to kitchen design, backsplashes have remained relatively the same over the years with the exception of various trends in tile design and style. While tile backsplashes aren’t going anywhere any time soon, quartz has become an increasingly popular choice for several reasons. The first benefit of a quartz backsplash is the elimination of grout and the ease of cleaning. In comparison to tile, quartz offers a smooth non-porous surface for a quick and easy clean-up. Simply wipe clean with warm soapy water and a cotton cloth. Second, when you choose to carry the same quartz design from your countertops to the backsplash, it creates a visually cohesive look. This is a great way to streamline your kitchen, without introducing another texture or pattern. Lastly, depending on the quartz design you choose, a full height backsplash can make a bold statement. When dramatic veining is carried up the wall it adds dimension and depth to your space, while also adding unique character. Since each quartz design is unique, your space will be given bespoke feel that cannot be replicated. Today we’ve rounded up several projects featuring quartz backsplashes to help inspire your next renovation. Feel free to pin these ideas on Pinterest and be sure to give us a follow to see what else we’re pinning.

This stunning kitchen features a full height backsplash in Brittanicca, which creates beautiful dimension.

Image via cambriausa.com

This monochromatic kitchen features Galloway that extends to the ceiling, making a bold statement.

Image via cambriausa.com

Featuring a more subtle design, this kitchen highlights the beauty of Torquay as a full height backsplash.

Image via cambriausa.com

Featuring a rippled effect, Delgatie is another quartz design that adds subtle texture to your kitchen’s backsplash.

A Skara Brae backsplash breaks up the clean lines in this classic kitchen.

This entertainment area also features a Skara Brae backsplash that matches the large island.

Whether subtle or bold, these examples show just how versatile a quartz backsplash can be. Not only does it elevate the overall design of your space, but it also adds functionality with its’ ease of maintenance.