As an American-made product, Cambria prides itself on minimizing its’ impact on the environment and strives to use sustainable practices throughout every stage of production. One way they’ve committed to making lasting change is through the creation of four designs that utilize recycled materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill. The resulting designs are both beautiful and environmentally friendly, which benefits both the consumer and the planet! Below, we will discuss these designs in more detail.


Comprised of 28% recycled material, Sanibel Shoreline is reminiscent of a shoreline dotted with seashells. A newer Cambria design, we can envision this countertop being used at a luxury spa.


This design contains 59% recycled content and features a grainy texture, with subtle white swirls and black speckles sprinkled throughout.

Made with 28% recycled materials, Big Sur mist is a captivating design inspired by foggy mornings along the coast.


Comprised of 99% recycled material, Brittanicca Block is the most sustainable design offered from Cambria. Made with columns of the classic Brittanicca design, Brittanicca Block is a unique and stunning design.

These designs have been certified by SCS Global Services to contain a minimum of 28% pre-consumer recycled content.  In addition these designs, along with the rest of the Cambria design library, have received the GREENGUARD Gold Certification by UL Environment. This certification signifies that Cambria’s products have been third party tested to meet chemical emission standards and have been found to be safe products for the home. All Cambria products have also been NSF-51 certified for food preparation, which makes Cambria a great choice for food prep areas, backsplashes and other non-food areas that need to remain sanitary. Overall, when you combine sustainability with the peace-of-mind that comes with being NSF-51 certified, Cambria is a clear choice for the countertops in your home.