When it comes to designing your space, one of the most daunting tasks can be making your product selections. There are so many components that go into a renovation that decision fatigue can happen quickly. From the cabinetry, hardware, countertops and more, there are several decisions that need to be made. Thankfully we have a team of talented designers to help guide you and today we’ll be discussing how to choose the Cambria design that is best suited for your project.

Overall there are three main components that you should consider when selecting your countertops: color, movement and finish. While color is the most obvious consideration, there are subtle variations that differentiate similar designs. Begin by choosing your overall ‘color family’ (i.e. black, white, gray, etc.), then take a closer look at the secondary tones in each design. From flecks of gold, gray veining or white marbling, the subtle tones can help compliment the other components in your space such as wall color, cabinetry and flooring. Lastly, take note of the undertones of each design and whether they are ‘cool’ with blue undertones or ‘warm’ with yellow undertones.

The cool undertones of Swanbridge pair well with the coastal blue cabinets featured in the bathroom below. The bold cabinets enhance the countertop design by playing off the cool gray veining, making it a great countertop selection for this space.

The next component to consider is movement, which describes the overall scale of the design. Cambria designs range from bold to subtle, so there are a variety of options to choose from to achieve the look you desire. Often designs with bold movement are chosen to make a statement or highlight a specific architectural feature, while designs with subtle movement act more as a “supporting role” letting other elements take centerstage.

In the kitchen below Cambria Skara Brae was used on the island, while the perimeter features Delgatie, a design with more subtle movement. Together, these designs help balance the space and make the island the main focal point.

Lastly, you will need to select a glossy or matte finish to complete your countertop selections. Glossy countertops add a bit of glamour, while also lending a more traditional look, while matte countertops tend to have a more modern feel. Depending on the design chosen, a matte finish can mimic the look of soapstone or concrete, which will add an industrial touch to your space. Regardless of finish, both options have exceptional durability and performance.

The kitchen below features Brittanicca in a matte finish, with the wine bar featuring Carrick in a gloss finish.

Overall, there are many factors to consider when selecting a quartz design for your space and we hope these tips were helpful. Samples are available at all of our showrooms that you are able to take with you to match with the other selections in your space. It can also be helpful to create a mood board with your designer to see how all of the components of your design come together. Click here to schedule an appointment to get started on your next project today.