Care + Maintenance

Wood Characteristics

All wood species have variances. This may be in the form of a knot, light or dark shades, or pits and grains going in different directions. This is common in all wood cabinets and is not a warrantable item.

Painted wood cabinets will show joint lines and hairline cracks during the lifespan of the cabinets. This is due to the natural expansion and contraction of wood and is not a warrantable item. Wood cabinets will take a full 12 months to fully adjust to their environment. CKF recommends maintaining a humidity level of 35-40% to minimize cracking.

All wood species will age differently and may darken or yellow with time and different exposures to light. Please visit for more information about wood aging properties.

Cabinet Care

Use a mild soap and water mixture with a clean, soft cloth. Wipe all excess moisture after cleaning. Do not use detergents, strong soaps, abrasives, or waxes as they can damage the finish or leave a residue

Adjustments and Warped Doors

Doors and drawers will often shift during shipping and installation and have hinges and drawer glides that can be adjusted slightly to correct variances. CKF provides a one-year warranty on drawer track and door hinge adjustments if CKF has provided the cabinet installation or adjustment services.

In the instance of a drawer glide failure, the glides are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and we will order replacement parts at no charge. CKF will install the replacement parts for a service fee or replacement parts can be mailed or picked up.

Doors will often warp during temperature changes. It is recommended for the cabinet to go through a full year of weather to “season” the wood. If after the year cycle the doors do not return to their original shape, CKF will replace them one time for no additional charge.