CKF is a Cosentino Rock Master

Since the beginning of CKF and Cosentino’s partnership in 2021, CKF has been able to provide a wide array of countertop materials and designs to customers, including brands such as Silestone, Dekton, and Sensa. Over the years, this partnership has grown, and we’re excited to announce that CKF has been recognized as a Cosentino Rock Master, as well as Cosentino’s Largest North American Customer!

Cosentino’s Rock Master platform is a “homage to those who have walked alongside Cosentino and dedicated their lives to becoming masters in the art of stone.” There are many moving parts that come together for a fabricator to become a Rock Master. First, it takes time, precision, and dedication to master the art of stone, from fabrication to installation. CKF fabrication employees hold a tremendous amount of stone skills, from edge profiling to machine operating, and fabricate a volume of 2,600 square feet of stone per day. CKF’s installation team is trained in installing all applications of stone, from countertops to backsplashes and wall cladding.

Alongside skilled fabricators and installers, CKF’s 100 years of experience in the building materials industry has led to this recognition. Watch the video below as CKF’s CEO, Sam Marchese, and President, Don Steffensmeier, share CKF’s journey to becoming a Rock Master, from our founding to the present.

Lastly, becoming a Rock Master and Largest North American Customer is also heavily reliant on CKF’s unwavering customer base, and we thank you for making these nominations possible. Whether you’ve been a customer for years or are new to CKF, we appreciate your support and partnership.

A special thank you to Cosentino for featuring CKF as a Rock Master and for being a valuable partner in CKF’s success.

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