The Ultimate Guide to Vertical Stone Applications

Many think that stone slabs have one purpose in the home and one purpose only: countertops. But what if we told you that stone surfaces can be used for so much more? From backsplashes to wall cladding and showers, solid stone has a lot of tricks up its sleeve that can maximize your home and create the perfect space. Whether you’re looking to make a statement in your space or add a layer of durability, there’s a vertical application for you.

Stone Compatibility

It’s important to know which types of stone can be used vertically. Due to the installation process and certain requirements, not every material can be transformed into a vertical format. Quartz and Dekton are the best choices for vertical stone applications because of their varying thicknesses, which allow for a smooth and secure install. But don’t worry too much about the logistics, as our knowledgable Designers will help you pick the perfect material for your vertical application in our showrooms.

Types of Vertical Applications

Full Height Backsplashes

Full height backsplashes offer seamless beauty and durability to kitchens and bathrooms, and are a sought-after design element for new construction and renovations. Many homeowners opt to have their backsplash match their countertop for a consistent look. However, mixing it up with different materials is a fun way to add character to your space! Backsplashes are incredibly diverse and can be customized to your liking, whether you want it to reach the ceiling, have a handy ledge, or be the background for shelving.

Besides looks, backsplashes offer more benefits than your typical tile backsplash. For example, quartz and Dekton backsplashes have no grout lines that need to be cleaned and are simple to maintain. They are also more durable, so you don’t need to worry about chips from a rouge pot or stains from pasta sauce splatters.

Et Bella Quartz
Dekton Bergen

Range Hoods

Along with backsplashes, stone-wrapped range hoods are the perfect application for those wanting to add a special touch to their kitchen. Range hoods can be decorated with quartz, quartzite, or Dekton for a breathtaking feature that will make your home one of a kind. Whatever your style may be, a range hood can be designed to match. Their beauty isn’t the only advantage wrapped range hoods have to offer, they’re also very low maintenance, so no more stainless steel cleaner here!

Dekton Lucid Range Hood
Dekton Trilium Range Hood

Fireplace Surrounds

Stone fireplace surrounds are another vertical application that can add a unique statement to any space, including living rooms, lobbies, and meeting spaces. Dekton is an especially great choice for fireplace surrounds because of its intense heat resistance and unmatched strength against scratches, stains, and sudden temperature changes. When designing a stone-adorned fireplace, the possibilities are nearly endless, so talk with a CKF Designer to start your fireplace design!

Absolute Black Granite Fireplace
Corktown Quartz Fireplace
Dekton Portum Fireplace
Dekton Kelya Fireplace

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is an up-and-coming application that will soon be at the forefront of many designs. Wall cladding is a superb choice for high-traffic areas, such as mudrooms and entryways, because it helps to protect walls against water, mud, and anything else that might be thrown its way. You can think of wall cladding as the new wallpaper, just more durable, longer-lasting, easier to clean, and more dramatic. Need we say more?

Et Marquina Wall Cladding
Et Marquina Quartz Wall Cladding
Dekton Portum Wall Cladding
Et Noir Wall Cladding


If you’re looking to add a spa-like escape to your bathroom, adding a stone-wrapped shower will do just that. These showers are grout-free and so easy to clean that cleaning the shower might become your favorite chore in the house. Built-in ledges and nooks can be easily integrated into your design for a functional and beautiful space. The best part about stone showers is that they’re easily customized, so no matter what vibe you want to add to your bath, there’s a material to match!

Ethereal Haze Quartz Shower
Seaport Quartz Shower

Outdoor Facades

Outdoor facades can be used to add a durable and stunning element to homes, offices, and more. Dekton is the only material CKF uses for outdoor facades, as facades require unparalleled strength against strong environmental factors, such as UV rays, humidity, and sudden temperature changes. Besides their durability, outdoor facades can make any home or office stand out amongst the rest, which is why they’re quickly gaining popularity! You can learn more about outdoor facades by clicking here.

Dekton Laurent
Dekton Portum
Dekton Portum
Dekton Portum


When designing and installing vertical stone slabs, it’s imperative that you work with seasoned professionals who can ensure the safety and correctness of your new vertical application. CKF’s qualified and experienced team is here to provide a safe, durable, and stunning vertical application for your home, so stop by your local CKF showroom to get started on your design today.

Are you surprised with all of the unique ways slabs can be used? Stone slabs are a lot more versatile than made out to be and can be integrated into an endless array of designs. Vertical applications like backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, wall cladding, showers, and outdoor facades can elevate your home, create unique spaces, and provide a layer of durability wherever it’s placed.