Benson Theatre

Moments in time are often preserved through art. That’s what Benson Theatre looks to accomplish since its’ grand opening at the end of 2021. Rich with history, the Benson Theatre located in Omaha, NE, first operated as the Benalto Theatre from 1923 to 1926. It was abundantly clear to one group of people that it needed to be restored to its theatre roots after being a number of different places. Thus, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit was founded in 2012 to renovate the historic theatre and make it what it is today. Today’s featured project is a great example of how design and functionality can make a multi-use space into the perfect location for a variety of performances as well as community programming. 

Recently completed with quartz countertops in a rich charcoal with subtle gold swirls, the theatre brings life to Benson and the surrounding Omaha community. Radianz Quartz in Splendor was chosen to run the length of the bar, for the window sills, box office counter, and the catering window as well. All extremely high-traffic areas where durability and ease of cleaning is top of mind. This striking design was the perfect choice; bringing the old world charm back to Benson Theatre.

Photo from Benson Theatre Website

This restored icon has had quite the makeover. Overall, we love all of the character and charm that the nonprofit put into this space to restore it to what it once was. Their calendar of events isn’t set yet for 2022 but don’t let that deter you from making a trip down Maple street and visiting the theatre for yourself!