Introducing the Elantra Collection

Comprised of beautiful designs at an accessible price point, our newest quartz collection, the Elantra Collection, is sure to turn heads. The Elantra Collection consists of four levels and offers eleven jaw-dropping designs at affordable prices. With that, let’s see what the Elantra Collection has in store!

Level One

The first level of the Elantra Collection consists of three eye-catching designs. Nougat White, Silver Grey, and Ocean White come together to create a uniform and tasteful palette. Each of these colors contains glass-like speckles that bring the slab to life. We love how these three designs imitate nature through their textures and colors. For example, we think White Ocean brings the white sand beaches of Florida right into the home, which we absolutely love!

Nougat White
Silver Grey
Ocean White

Level Two

In Level Two of the Elantra Collection, two designs bring in warmer tones and striking veining patterns. Valentine Gold and Calacatta Fantasy each contain strong gold veins that make a statement, making these designs perfect for kitchen backsplashes. The warmer white background offers a soft and relaxing feeling, which is gaining popularity in the design industry!

Valentine Gold
Calacatta Fantasy

Level Three

The carefully selected palette in Level Three ranges from colors with gold veinings, like Soul Nebula, to grey veinings, like Eagle Nebula. The veins on the Nebula designs, including Calacatta Nebula, Soul Nebula, and Eagle Nebula, are impressively bold, allowing our customers to create unique spaces like no other. Infiniti Gold also displays a vivid veining pattern paired with a warm white background for the perfect balance between soft and strong.

Calacatta Nebula
Infiniti Gold
Soul Nebula
Eagle Nebula

Level Four

Level Four of the Elantra Collection includes two stunning designs, Black Venom and Everest Gold. These two designs show off incredible veining patterns that are excellent for statement pieces. We can picture Black Venom and Everest Gold being used on fireplace surrounds, bar tops, or backsplashes!

Black Venom
Everest Gold

In all, CKF’s new Elantra Quartz Collection has four levels that offer eleven new and unique quartz colors at an accessible price point. From Ocean White to Black Venom, we’re confident our customers will find the perfect match for their project through the Elantra Collection! It’s hard to choose a favorite when every design is as stunning as these- can you pick a one?

You can view the Elantra Collection page here.

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