The Newest Private Studio Collection Colors

There are some exciting new additions joining the Private Studio Collection! Eight colors from the Le Chic and Urban Crush Collections by Cosentino have been integrated into CKF’s Private Studio Collection to form a palette curated to perfection. These colors hold incredible potential and we’re excited to introduce them to you!

Le Chic

If you’re looking for a color that will make a statement, your search is over! The colors being brought in to Level 3 of the Private Studio Collection are strikingly unique and offer a variety of show-stopping styles perfect for bold statement pieces. Bohemian Flame, Eclectic Pearl, Parisien Bleu, Versailles Ivory, Victorian Silver, and Romantic Ash are all stars of the show, sporting marvelous veinings and colors inspired by the unmistakable Parisian flare. Not only are the veins amazing, but so are the small details! We especially love the fiery orange accents sprinkled into Bohemian Flame and the intricate rose gold lines in Parisien Bleu.

Bohemian Flame
Parisien Bleu
Victorian Silver
Eclectic Pearl
Versailles Ivory
Romantic Ash

Urban Crush

Concrete Pulse and Cinder Craze are two modern colors from the Urban Crush Collection that are joining Level Two of the Private Studio Collection. These colors are perfect for industrial designs and accents, which are becoming increasingly popular! Concrete Pulse and Cinder Craze are incredibly versatile and can either be the main focus of a design or a complement to another color. The versatility and simple beauty of Concrete Pulse and Cinder Craze is perfection and we’re excited to see how our designers and customers utilize these designs!

Concrete Pulse
Cinder Craze

The newest colors in the Private Studio Collection help to form the perfect selection for our customers! These eight colors range from bold statement colors like Parisien Bleu and Versailles Ivory to the industrial Cinder Craze, allowing for countless choices. Now that you’ve met the newest additions to the Private Studio Collection, which one caught your eye?

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